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A Bavarian Immigrant Heads West

The story of denim begins with a young Bavarian immigrant and entrepreneur who wanted to cash in on
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Birth Of The Modern Jean

Levi Strauss was not sole originator of denim jeans. The second man involved is the lesser known Ja...
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Signature Additions

The denim jeans that Strauss and Davis created were still far from iconic. It wasn't until about 189...
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The Rugged Wild West

The dawn of the twentieth century saw denim moving away from work factories and into the personal cu...
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Casual of War

The 1940s brought a halt in jean production ,due to World War II and the demand for raw materials it...
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Depression Denim

During the Great Depression, people needed clothing that was durable, affordable, and comfortable. S...
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Youthful Rebellion

The 1950's ushered in an era of rebellion and youthful uprising. It was only a matter of time befor...
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A Sex Appeal

Marilyn Monroe took the sex appeal of jeans to a level never seem before when she starred in the Ri...
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Self-Expression On A Denim Canvas

The 1960's saw a new era of creativity and open-mindedness sweep through the nation. This was also k...
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Designer Boom

Even in the 1970s, when it seemed that denim was being pushed aside in favor of these other fabrics,...
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Rock Denim

Robert Plant, the singer of Led Zeppelin and opened up a generation of rockers in tight jeans and ...
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Ultra Short

Catherine Bach, as Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazard, gave a whole new meaning to the term short-...
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