Jeans. They are universal. They transcend borders, race, religion… They date back 140+ years and in the U.S., consumers are responsible for purchasing approximately 450 million pairs of jeans every year.

The average consumer has seven pairs of jeans in his or her wardrobe, but how many of them do they love?

The idea and goal behind THE DENIM LAB is simple: help the consumer find that perfect pair of jeans to fit their genes. By presenting the latest styles from the most reputable jean designers under one roof, they educate and encourage their guests to invest in, not only a great pair of quality jeans, but a whole new fitting experience that leaves them with a newfound love for their jeans.

To find such exemplary service in a contemporary, hip, and comfortable environment, THE DENIM LAB brings an intimate shopping experience to Orange County that’s unlike any other in the region.


There are few things more gratifying than finding the perfect pair of jeans for your body. If you’re asking yourself “which one fits me better?” chances are, that perfect pair is still missing from your wardrobe. We know that finding amazing jeans can be hard at times, especially with all the different varieties. Sometimes to find what you are looking for, all you need is the expertise of denim fitter and stylist to help you.

Our Specialists have been trained and mastered our method of matching your genes to jeans. When you arrive, they will use their professional experience to help you discover jeans that best fit your curves and personality. Once they have an idea how certain brands and cuts will fit you, together you will find the perfect styling that your body can love for years to come.

With your new flawless fit, you’ll realize it’s more than just a piece of clothing; it’s an expression that accentuates both body and spirit. So, stop trying to fit into your jeans and have your jeans fit you!



The genes you were born with are unique. There are over 7 billion humans on Earth, and not one person has the same exact body (even identical twins!). Every woman has her own special curves, thickness, and shapes. At The Denim Lab, we not only understand this, but we believe this is something we should celebrate. You deserve to look and feel sexy in your jeans no matter what body you have. The Denim Lab Specialists will help you celebrate your genes by matching you into jeans that will have everyone wishing they had what you do.



Let’s be honest, there are times when we feel and look our best, and other times that we don’t feel so hot. During the wintertime with all of the fabulous holiday feasts, or when the gifts of being a woman aren’t feeling wonderful can make our jean fit a little tight. When the physical discomforts of nature come calling, it’s reassuring to slip into a seasonal new favorite pair of jeans that will make you look and feel better. We will work with you to complement the natural body changes, so that no matter what day it is, you will be confident and ready to take on the world.



We are all humans, and are constantly wearing our emotions and personality on our face. Everyone has unique personalities and whether we know it or not, they work their way into our outfits. The look you have when you walk into the Lab gives away enough to be able to pinpoint the expression you are looking for your jeans to radiate. Walking in with a bright, energetic aura conveys that you are going to need jeans that can keep up with your fast paced lifestyle. A quiet, shy, and reserved smile tells us you’re going to need something that keeps you looking stylish without all the unnecessary attention. So don’t just wear the jeans that look good on a hanger or in a magazine, find the jeans that celebrate your individuality!



Jeans come in dozens of different shapes and cuts, yet many shops and outlets provide few choices. A lack of options can leave you feeling like you just weren’t made to wear denim. You may not know what fit you want, but you definitely know what you want your outfit to express. Different styles allow you to control what features you want your jeans to play up. The Denim Lab carries one of the largest selections of premium denim in Orange County. With our vast collection of styles and variations, there is always something that is guaranteed to give you the most attractive look and feel.



Size inconsistency is common throughout clothing brands today. Manufacturers will label clothing with sizes that are smaller than the actual cut of the clothes. For example, being a 28 in one brand of jeans, does not guarantee you an identical fit in another. They do this because, mentally, smaller size labels increase customer self-esteem and encourage them to purchase more. However, nothing boosts how you feel more than looking and feeling great. The Fitting Lab Specialists understand this, and will conveniently switch you from one premium brand to another without the frustration of trying to figure out your actual fit size. After all, it’s looking and feeling confident that’s important, not the size number that is on the tag.



Denim dye color and material have a big influence in fit when it comes to your body type. Bright and lighter colors will make your body look bigger since they reflect more light. Darker dyes will slim you down and outline your silhouette. Along with color shades, the denim material will also contribute to the look, and also the feel on your body. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need denim that breathes easy or is lightweight, stretches with you, looks dressier, or even a material that won’t unravel. We will help identify exactly the right pair to accommodate your unique needs.