eans. They are universal. They transcend borders, race, religion… They date back 140+ years and in the U.S., consumers are responsible for purchasing approximately 450 million pairs of jeans every year.

The average consumer has seven pairs of jeans in his or her wardrobe, but how many of them do they love?

The idea and goal behind THE DENIM LAB is simple: help the consumer find that perfect pair of jeans to fit their genes. By presenting the latest styles from the most reputable jean designers under one roof, they educate and encourage their guests to invest in, not only a great pair of quality jeans, but a whole new fitting experience that leaves them with a newfound love for their jeans.

To find such exemplary service in a contemporary, hip, and comfortable environment, THE DENIM LAB brings an intimate shopping experience to Orange County that’s unlike any other in the region.